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handmade in Graz

We only use the best ingredients for our products.

Learn more about our handcrafted distillates.





... for all lovers of colorful culinary delights

Our varieties from Coloris are as changeable as your life.

We created a gin that changes its color when it gets sour. But don't worry, it will only be if you want it too. Specifically, if you add tonic or other transparent, acidic drinks. But wait a minute, why do our uniquie products even show such colors? We use dyes from carefully dried flowers - without any chemical additives and only with natural coloring agents.
... and can you taste these flowers? Minimal, the flowers used only provide an optical make-over of our transparent creations - the uniquely mild citrus character of lemon and orange is completely retained.

So, the perfect eye-catcher with that certain something.

Since the flowers are real natural products, there may be a slight loss of intensity in the colors after a few months, which does not reduce the taste experience in any way - therefore store in a cool and dark place.




... the fire from Graz

We "burn" for gin. Handmade and matured at the bottom of the Schlossberg in Graz, our Grazia convinces with a fine aroma of raspberry and apple mint. The summery, fresh and fruity notes makes it one of a kind.
Its 12 botanicals reflect the sheer joy of life.

The ideal summer drink for you and your loved ones.


Do it your way

Give your O'Styrian a personal touch. Whether as a gift for friends or as a color-matched promotional item for your company - your color and taste preference according to your wishes.  

Have a look in our shop or contact us if you want to give your gin your personal touch according to your color and taste preferences or if you want to find out more about our variety of colors.

However: in contrast to our color-changing Coloris  the color does not change when acidic beverages are added. 

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