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Sweeten your evening with new ideas -

with loved ones or alone a real pleasure

Ready for one


Gin and Tonic
The classic

4cl O'Styrian Coloris or Grazia
8cl Fever Tree Indian Tonic
1 slice of orange / lemon


Pour 4cl O'Styrian into a glass together with ice and pour 8cl tonic on top. For the  optimal enjoyment, add 1 lemon / orange to your cocktail.

Negroni Rainbow
The bitter sweet one

3cl O'Styrian Coloris
3cl vermouth
3cl Campari


Mix 3cl vermouth and 3cl Campari and pour it into a glass with ice. You can create a visual eye-catcher by slowly pouring 1cl each of our different colorful O'Styrian Coloris over the ice into the glass, one after the other. This creates the unique O'Styrian rainbow effect.


Shaken, not stirred

3cl O'Styrian Grazia
3cl vermouth


Martini - reinterpreted

Shake 3cl O'Styrian Grazia and 3cl Vermouth with ice cubes in a cocktail mixer. Then cut off the ice and serve the O'Tini in a wide glass with lemon or raspberry.

More ideas will be added soon

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